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  • Dr.
    Giovanni Vergel

    Dr. Vergel graduated with his doctorates degree in Veterinary Medicine on August 29, 2001 from the University of Ciencias Aplicadas & Ambientales in Bogota, Colombia. Just six months after retaining his doctorates, he moved to the US. While waiting to take the National Boards to become US certified and practice as a veterinarian, Dr. Vergel worked in several clinics in the Central Florida area. He also volunteered at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists for a little over a year. After completing the boards and CPE, he worked as an associate veterinarian for 6 years at an animal hospital in Seminole County. 'My passion is my responsibility of your pet's health. Once I have your pet in my care, it is my sole duty to keep him/her healthy, safe, and happy. You can always expect for me to inform you of all issues that arise, work together to create a plan and execute treatment that will keep your pet comfortable.'

  • Tanya Reep
    Practice Manager

    Tanya has been in the veterinary field for 18 years and has worked all positions. She has gain herknowledge through mentors, co-workers, and hands on experience. She worked in a Cat only practice for 12 years where she retained great skills and knowledge. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Small Business Management she took a new position in the industry. Even though she is titled as an office administer, you will find her still working with the animals and clients. 'While I was in school, I would imagine myself working in some other type of industry and remembering saying to myself that there is no way I would be happy without  working with animals.'  She believes the animal's care always comes first while attending the owners making them comfortable and trustworthy of our work.  ' I promise to live by our mission statement by helping keep your pet healthy and happy to their senior years.'


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