• Amber C
    Lead Surgical Technician

    A native of Ocoee, FL, Amber is the longest-standing member of our team, having started with us January 2014, just months after we opened. As a child, Amber had a Rottweiler, a Dachshund, many cats, and even a few birds.  Having always loved animals, she took a college side job as a kennel tech and fell in love with veterinary medicine. She was quickly given more responsibilities as a kennel tech, then as a technician, and now as a lead technician and our primary surgical nurse. 

    Amber has her A.A. degree from Valencia College, and is currently on track to obtain her B.S. in Biology from UCF with her sights set on vet school. A full-time technician and student, she has little free time, but she devotes what time she does have to volunteering with Pitbull rescue, Furever Bully Love Rescue. She also enjoys spending Sundays at the dog park and Lake Eola’s farmer’s market. 

    Her pet family consists of: Luna – a Pitbull, Tank – an American Bulldog and former bait dog rescued through FBLR, Franklin – a rescue Chihuahua, Diggity – a Pitbull, and rescue cats Kitty-Kitty, Stormy, Sabrina, Junior, David, and Jinx. 

  • Valeria H
    Surgical Technician

    At age seventeen, Valeria decided she wanted to work closely with animals. Just one year later, she obtained her veterinary assistant certification. In 2016, we welcomed her into the Crystal Creek Animal Hospital family as a kennel tech. She quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Veterinary Assistant, and now a Veterinary Technician. Valeria is working on a biology degree with the goal of going to vet school and becoming a vet herself. 

    Valeria has four pets at home: six-year-old Chihuahua mix, Canela, three-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog, Cookie, nine-month-old kitten, Mango, and four-month-old kitten, Lemon. “I love my job because I get the opportunity to care for and help animals back to their healthy selves, but my favorite thing is welcoming new life into this world. I will provide every animal that comes through the doors of Crystal Creek Animal Hospital the utmost attention and care he or she deserves, no matter how serious the situation.”

  • Bethany A

    Born and raised in Orlando, Bethany grew up with a German Shepherd named Bruin and had cats and a bunny as a child. Already a lover of animals, she took a veterinary assistant class in high school which inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine as a career; with the goal of becoming a vet. A recent A.A. graduate from Valencia College, Bethany is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biology at UCF before she starts vet school. After vet school, she hopes to travel around the world to practice veterinary medicine internationally. 

    Bethany is the proud owner of rescue lab-mix, Brody. A full-time technician and student, she spends much of her time away from Crystal Creek studying. When she’s not studying, she likes to paint and go to museums. Two of her favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali. She can also be found at music festivals around Orlando. 

  • Chase H

    Chase is a native of Winter Springs, FL. His dad spent his career as a K-9 police officer, so Chase had the opportunity to be around many German Shepherd working dogs while he was growing up. He gained an interest in veterinary medicine after a friend pursued a similar career, and received his small animal practice certificate from Full Sail University. He began his own career as a technician in 2011 and worked in several clinics around Central Florida before joining Crystal Creek in April 2019. 

    He’s the proud owner of a rescue cat named Shelly who was born at one of his former clinics on Christmas. In January 2020, he adopted a rescue kitten named Arya. Like many native Floridians, he enjoys spending his free time taking advantage of the beaches and lakes that Florida has to offer by surfing, riding jet skis, and fishing. 

  • Winnie V

    Winnie has always loved animals since she was young. She found volunteering at veterinary offices and shelters in Puerto Rico very rewarding, so she decided to devote her life to saving animals. Since moving to Orlando in 2017, she has been pursuing her degree in pre-vet biology. In July 2019, she began her journey with the Crystal Creek family as a kennel tech, but worked hard to be promoted to technician in January 2020. 

    Between work and studies, she still volunteers at Osceola County Animal Services. She’s the proud owner of a rescue dog named Pinky, a rescue cat named Nala, and a bunny named Moana. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, and going to the park.  

  • Axel C

    Growing up on his father’s farm in Puerto Rico, Axel fell in love with caring for animals. Many of the dogs, turtles, rabbits, chickens, spiders, snakes, and birds on the farm were well cared for by him. He fondly remembers his Golden Retriever, Biky. Axel obtained his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science before moving to Orlando in August 2019 and joining Crystal Creek in October 2019. He is actively applying to vet schools to study large and small animal medicine while building on his real-world experience at Crystal Creek. 

    When he’s not surprising us with his new hairstyles, Axel enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, fishing, and playing drums and guitar. 

  • Valentina C

    Orlando native Valentina grew up always wanting a dog. She ended up volunteering at a pet rescue called Polka Dogz, which was very inspiring to her. Since both her mother and sister are physicians, it made sense for her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine by combining her love of animals with her family’s dedication to healthcare. Valentina obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCF before joining the Crystal Creek team in February 2019 as a kennel tech. Her passionate commitment to animal care led to her being promoted to technician in March 2020. While actively applying to vet school, Valentina is gaining hands-on experience caring for the patients at Crystal Creek.

    At home, Valentina has two Snowshoe Siamese cats named Oliver and Ivy. In her spare time, she likes to paint, go to concerts with her friends, and cook. 

  • Eva H

    Bio coming soon!


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