We want to keep your pet healthy and protected. Dr. Vergel and staff will be able to administer the proper and needed vaccines for your pet. We have some vaccines that are given orally so there is less reaction for our puppies. For our feline patients the Rabies vaccine is formulated especially for them and provides less risk of reaction as well as our distemper vaccine which is administered nasally. 

Vaccines are an important part of your pet's health. When they are puppies and kittens they need the vaccine to help keep them contracting diseases. Dogs that are not vaccinated and go to dog parks, boarding facilities and even the groomer are exposed to whatever may be out there.

Here are the vaccines we have to offer to our patients.

Canine Vaccines

Rabies rabies
Distemper upper respiratory infections
Bordetella kennel cough
Influenza upper respiratory infection
Lyme Tick borne disease

Feline Vaccines

Purevax Rabies rabies
Ultranasal Distemper upper respiratory infection
Leukemia leukemia virus


This is one of our feline patient receiving a Rabies vaccine.

We administer the vaccine as low as we can go on the leg so if there was to be a reaction it would be easier to isolate.


Here we are administering the Distemper vaccine that given through the nose.

This vaccine produces zero reaction.

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