Kindergarten Curriculum

Puppy Kindergarten classes will continue to be available for puppies aged 8-16 weeks! 

Classes Starting on the Following Dates and Times:

Wednesday April 21, 2p-3p

Wednesday April 21, 4p-5p

Friday April 23, 2p-3p

Friday April 23, 4p-5p

Saturday April 24, 2p-3p

Saturday April 24, 4p-5p

This 6-week course has a maximum of 5 puppies per class to ensure that your dog is focused and receives the individualized instruction they need. They will also have time to interact and socialize with other puppies and people!

Puppy Kindergarten is offered as a 6-week course for $149

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One-on-one training also available for both puppies and adults. Call for more info

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Week 1 is "Good Student Week"!
In this first class, your puppy will learn:
- Motivation through food and praise rewards
- How to pay attention to you in a high-distraction environment
- Socialization with other puppies and other people
- How to perfect the "sit" command
- What expectations that you have for him/her
- How to be calm while you're busy
In this first class, YOU will learn:
- How to identify dog body language and behavior
- The beginning vocabulary that your dog will learn
- Your dog's energy level, breed predispositions, and overall personality around other dogs/people
- How to exercise your puppy and how often
- How to manage your dog if he/she starts to show signs of aggression
- How to manage puppy biting
- How to examine your puppy and handle their bodies
- How to make training fun for your puppy!

Week 2 is "Quiz Week"!

In this second class, your puppy will learn:
- How to release a toy
- How to restrain from going after a treat
- Continued socialization with strangers and other puppies
- Leash walking
- How to handle being examined more thoroughly (ears, nose, mouth)
- The "lay down" command
- When it's appropriate to play with other dogs/toys
In this second class, YOU will learn:
- How to walk with your dog on a leash
- More body language cues
- Signs and symptoms to look for when examining your puppy
- Introduction to crate training

Week 3 is "Exam Week"!

In this third week, your puppy will learn:
- How to pay attention to you while you have a different appearance
- More socialization!
- How to play "tug" and release
- Self-control around rewards like treats or toys
In this third week, YOU will learn:
- What to expect from your puppy as they age
- Basic health issues to look for

Week 4 is "Advanced Week"!
In this class, your puppy will learn:
- An introduction to the "leave it", "place", and "stay" commands
- How to walk while in a group of other walking puppies/people
- EVEN MORE SOCIALIZATION! That is the #1 key to a good dog!
- Getting used to a dremel, trimmers, hair dryers

Week 5 is "Refresh Week!"

In this class, you and your puppy will practice all that we've learned, but with less treats and more praise. We want to start weaning the puppy off of treat-based training so that he/she will listen with and without treats!
-More socialization of course!
- Introduction to small challenges (such as jumping over obstacles)
- Introduction to strange sounds that your puppy may hear in the real world

Week 6 is "Graduation Week!"
You've made it to the end, but the work is just beginning!
In this class, you and your puppy will demonstrate all that we've learned.
- We will introduce the "roll over" command. This is a very advanced command for puppies!
- More socialization!
- Harder restraint and self-control exercises
- More sound/noise socialization
- Exercise/play plans created for your specific puppy
- More tool socialization (grooming tools, stethoscope)
-Long-line training


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