Primary Care

Quality Pet Care, Made Easy!

At CCAH, we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and clean environment where you can be confident about your pet's healthcare! Primary care and wellness appointments allow our experienced veterinarians to determine your animals overall health, and address any general concerns. Each member of our medical team will guide you to the best care recommendations! Wellness exams are routine and take place when your pet is healthy as opposed to when you are seeking care for any symptoms of illness.

What to expect at your pet's wellness exam.

Once you and your pet have been place in one of our exam rooms, a veterinary technician will be in to greet you and verify your pet's weight and temperature. You and your technician will review any questions or concerns you have for the doctor, and ask you all about your pet's routines. After all, you know them best! Your veterinarian will then enter and conduct a complete physical exam from head to tail, addressing all of your concerns and educating you on the best maintenance care for your pet. 

Annual Vaccinations

We offer convenient vaccination packages so that you can save on the vaccinations our veterinarians recommend to keep your fur-baby safe and happy. This allows us to give you the best primary care experience, since in addition to your wellness exam you are able to bring your pet completely up to date on the immunizations that they need. When you come in for a primary care appointment, we'll discuss the vaccine options for your pet and develop a plan based on their unique needs. See our vaccination and packages page for more detail.

Diagnostic Testing

It is in your pet's best interest to have blood work done once every year. Annual lab work can help us to catch any internal illness early on, and give your veterinarian a great point of reference for what is normal for your pet if they ever come in for illness. For pets under 7 years old, a junior wellness blood work is recommended. For pets 7 years of age and older, a senior wellness blood work is recommended. These are general guidelines, if the veterinarian has any concerns or wants to look into a possible health concern with your pet the care plan may vary. For example, radiographs (XRAY) or different lab testing may be advised. Not to worry! We will always check in with you and review all recommendations before following through with any additional diagnostic care.